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Ocean Adventures on Maui


Maui offers a plethora of ocean activity, a highlight of which are the many sailboats that are available for charter, providing tours of both Maui and its neighboring islands. Most boats depart from Lahaina Harbor, and the types of destinations and activities are limited only by your imagination.

school of fish underwater
Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

If you’re not inclined toward scuba diving or snorkeling, you can still get close to the amazing reefs off the shores of Western Maui with the Reef Dancer, Maui’s one-of-a-kind glass-bottomed boat. Safely observe coral, an impressive variety of tropical fish, eels, manta rays, sea turtles and other aquatic animals from the air conditioned boat where all seats are window seats. A reef expert is on hand to provide narration on the tour, and point out specific animals.


Maui’s rivers are not navigable by kayak, but there plenty of opportunities to enjoy a kayak ride on the shoreline of many of Maui’s beaches. Exercise caution, as ocean swells and winds will make navigation difficult. Choppy waves reduce speed and require you to expend energy overcoming them rather than moving forward in your desired direction. Exploring calm areas is your best bet, and be aware of surf and weather conditions.

scuba diver
scuba diving

The calm, clear blue waters and great visibility make Maui an ideal destination for travelers looking for scuba diving opportunities. The best? Check out Lanai Cathedrals, which features underwater caverns, arches and passageways that resemble a complicated gothic architecture, reimagined and repopulated with coral reefs and tropical fish.

turtle underwater

Maui offers some of the best snorkeling waters in the world. Teeming with sea turtles, bright explosions of coral and schools of colorful fish, West and South Maui beaches offer the rich aquatic experience every vacationer seeks, and Kaanapali Beach is known across the globe for its amazing snorkeling opportunities.

Whale Watching

Maui's warm and relatively shallow waters offer humpback whales a welcome respite from the colder, less sheltered depths of the Pacific. Most cruises take you up-close-and-personal with enjoyable 2-hour tours, complete with both amazing photo ops and educational insights.