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Scenic Lookouts on Maui

Iao Needle
Iao Valley Needle

One of the most iconic landmarks on an island of almost incomparable beauty, the Iao Needle is to Maui what Diamond Head is to Oahu: a rock pinnacle that rises an amazing 2250 feet and is covered in velvet green tropical plants. This point has historical significance for Hawaii, being the site of the battle of Kepaniwai where King Kamehameha I fought to unite the islands.

Rocky beach front
Dragon's Teeth

A fantastic natural lava formation that resembles the sharp and jagged teeth of a dragon, Dragon’s Teeth was formed by the clash of strong winds and large ocean swells heading inland that forced rapidly cooling molten lava in an upward direction towards the sky. Over time the salt spray of the ocean has continued to erode the jagged points of hardened lava rock, but the formation still resembles sharp teeth.

Hana Maui
Road to Hana

The Hana Highway is the most celebrated road in Hawaii. Running along Maui's northeastern shore, the Road to Hana is a twisting, fun 50 miles that will take you over dozens of bridges and passed breathtaking seascapes, waterfalls, gardens and lush green rainforests. Once you arrive, you'll enjoy one of Hawaii's most impressive destinations.