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Waterfalls & Caves on Maui


The Kaeleku Caverns offer cave tours of magnificent lava tubes on land, featuring a fantastic spelunking experience not found elsewhere in Maui. Stalagmites and stalactites can be found throughout the tubes, a geological wonder unchanged for thousands of years. Multiple tour options are offered, including a scenic self-guided walking tour and a “wild” adventure tour that includes a deeper and more exciting spelunking adventure.


Waimoku Falls is a humongous waterfall that falls some 400 feet to a pool at the bottom. You can approach the falls, but watch out for falling rocks dislodged at the top of the waterfall that could break loose and hurt visitors standing below. The height and natural majesty of the waterfall ensure that no matter your physical distance, any picture taken of Waimoku Falls will capture a beautiful Maui island memory.

girl at waterfall

Makahiku Falls is visible from a trail overlook, with water cascading over the sheer side of the rock, dropping 180 feet to a pool below. Steep walls and perilous footing coupled with the potential for flash floods should prevent hikers from getting too close.